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Vayyoo Rooms is a mobile first platform for professionals to create secure personalized virtual spaces to engage busy stakeholders. A Room brings together the key stakeholders with relevant content for a given objective and enables a directed workflow to achieve the execution of desired engagement. Additionally Rooms include tools and services you are already familiar with. The Rooms Admin has access to send push alerts and create topic based discussions, and assign TODOs. At their fingertips are statuses of actions, Room summary statistics or generating advanced reports. On completion Rooms can be archived for records and audits.



Within a Vayyoo Room members have access to all the relevant and current information related to ongoing activity. Everyone can review and comment on posted content like documents, video, links etc and see other's views. Designated members can respond to questions, surveys, task lists or provide approvals for requested widgets. Notifications and visual indicators keep members updated and informed with any changes and the proceedings are captured in publishale reports.


Authorised members can join the cloud based activity rooms using any platform like mobiles, tablets or PCs. Members can be logged into Vayyoo Rooms from multiple platforms simultaneously as required. Using native apps members can receive push notifications and access content offline as well. Activity leads conducting the rooms can also publish/ unpublish and edit the contents of rooms from across all platforms.


Rooms are cloud hosted, secure and accessible by only authorized members through SSL. Links to information widgets are also secured by specially generated tokens. All content and configuration information is password protected and securely stored on the cloud with Amazon backend supporting best security standards. Further the content can be shared in Vayyoo Rooms from the file storage provider of your choice like Google Drive, DropBox, EMC Syncplicity etc, thereby enabling an additional layer of content security.

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Vayyoo Rooms are designed for conducting on demand or ongoing group based activities. Whether they are client centered activities such as negotiations, information enablement, consulting, approvals etc., or executive centered activities like committees, executive updates, audits, and governance etc., Vayyoo Rooms is one app that is quick to deploy and orchestrate the experience of rich, focused and goal driven collaboration.....

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